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The fact that almost every potential e-commerce client has a presence in one or more Social Media Platforms and is willingly sharing their interest on those platforms by joining like-minded social media communities has made Social Media Marketing an integral part of any business’s digital strategy and the preferred way to reach your new clients in many e-commerce niches.

Our team of top-notch Social Media Specialists has an in-depth knowledge of how to use it to meet your business goals.  They know how to integrate social with other marketing channels.

Whether your objective is to build brand awareness or to send quality traffic to your site, our custom plan for your brand works. Whether you are looking to generate more qualified leads or get more sales, we customize our process to meet your exact needs.

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What We Do

Different social media platforms provide varying features for better targeting, retargeting prospects, and even finding your ideal consumers. We provide various social media advertising and marketing solutions to make the process of converting your prospects relatively painless, significantly fast, and even more productive.

Facebook Marketing

We can target your audience on Facebook through highly targeted Facebook Ads and that too at a low cost!

Linkedin Marketing

As a leading LinkedIn advertising agency in Vancouver, we devise the best LinkedIn Marketing Solutions for you.

Twitter Marketing

We help you attract new followers and leads, boost conversions, improve brand recognition, and increase sales!


Instagram Marketing

We provide Unmatched Instagram Marketing solutions which include Ads, Story Ads, Influencer and Growth Strategy!

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is #2 source of all referral traffics to Shopify and 93 percent of Pinterest users are using it to plan their purchases.

Tiktok & Clubhouse Marketing

These two relatively new platforms provide enormous opportunities for your brand to reach the early adaptors through creative strategies.

Two Case Studies

Our Heros in Action!
When Results Speak Louder Than Words.

Find out how we help e-commerce businesses generate more traffic to their sites, convert potential customers, and skyrocket their sales and profits.

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Search Engine Optimization

An E-Commerce store needed SEO services to replace their PPC ad spend.
SEOcompetitive Market
SEOcompetitive Market
  • This E-commerce store SEO client was just starting out in a niche market.
  • The organic traffic increased by 93% in 9 months.
  • There was fierce competition from the bigger brands.
  • The revenue increased by 69%.
  • 90% of the marketing budget was going into the PPC and Facebook ads.
  • In a matter of 6 months we started earning natural backlinks for the site.
  • Organic traffic was less than 20 sessions per day on average.
  • Search engine rankings improved every month compared to bigger competitors.
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Facebook Ads

This beauty store wanted to get at least 2 times return on their Ad spend (2X+ ROAS)
$16,000Ad investment
  • The beauty industry is a very saturated market.
  • We paired the Facebook ad strategy with immaculately executed email marketing efforts.
  • This E-commerce store Facebook Ads client was struggling on all digital platforms.
  • Sep 29th, 2020, to Oct 28th, 2020: The client sold 5000⁺ products.
  • It was failing to generate business from its advertising efforts.
  • $160,000⁺ were made in sales with an average ROAS of 9.78X (ad spend: $16,000)
Result Oriented

Improve your SALES with Data.

- Sell Your Awesome,Unique,Quality Products, Shopify Store, eCommerce Business, eCom Brand.

E-commerce stores have a single most important goal: ever-increasing sales and successful exist! And that is only possible with an insightful digital marketing strategy executed to perfection. Find out how we help e-commerce businesses generate more traffic to their sites, convert potential customers, skyrocket their sales and profits, and exit in as little as 6 months for 3x Earnings (SDE).

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All Missions

E-Commerce Rescue Missions We are Proud to Serve!

Grow from 6/7 Figure a Year to 6/7 Figure a Month with US

See how Your Business Grows Month by Month

SocialMedia4Me has a result driven approach with special focus on ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) that combines creative thinking, strategy, data, and performance creative.

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Overall Progress: +305%


How We Do It!

As an Online Store, you can grow your sales exponentially and profitably through our unique e-commerce marketing solutions. Are you wondering how we increase sales leads with a high conversion rate? Here is an overview of our process combined with a real Facebook Ads Case Study results (A brand in Beauty Sector).

Our Roadmap

Identifying the Rescue Mission

We Started

This well-known brand in the Cosmetic industry was having a hard time scaling their Facebook Ads because of a lack of understanding of the Scaling Process.

Layer Targetting

% Ad Budget at TOF

To accomplish the client’s mission-impossible, we utilized our battle-tested funnels and CRO techniques. Started RFT testing to get winning assets quickly. Designed dynamic ads with engaging graphics and minimal, client-centric copy addressing the pain points of the brand’s customers.

Goal Oriented Optimization

% Ad Budget at MOF/BOF

Rigorously tested multiple combinations of ad copy and creatives to find the winning ads and to optimize the ads for conversions at each stage of the funnel (TOF, MOF, and BOF).



Increased the Conversion Rates from 1.1% to a whopping 3.2% and had close to $1 million in sales in 60 Days.
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Every e-commerce is unique. Let us know what you need, what challenges you are facing, and what your goals are. We will let you know how much investment you need to get rolling.

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1. Research & Planning

After getting to know you and your needs, we develop result-focused strategies through extensive keyword and product research!

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2. Optimizing

We continue to refine and optimize our targeting, creative and bidding.

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3. Result

Our goal for eevery campaign is simple: getting the highest ROAS for our client!


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